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The registration can be done at the College itself and the students will not have to bother.(Counseling Help Desk Number: 09827078687)  
Event Detail

FRESHERS PARTY 2k17 at M K Ponda College.

MK Ponda college of Business & Management, Bhopal organized a scintillating welcome party for the 1st year student’s batch of 2017. Aptly called Fresher’s Party, the purpose of this event is that every “Fresher” feels like an integral part of the MKPC and a chance for seniors and juniors to interact with each other and collectively take on the challenge for the years ahead. Welcome party is much awaited affair for seniors as well as juniors. All new students were welcomed with flowers & Smiles and introduced to the entire college by their immediate seniors this ceremony began with candle lighting by Ms. Manjula Ponda, Founder, Red Rose Group, Mr Sumeet Ponda Chairman, Red Rose Group, Ms. Sejal Ponda, Director, Red Rose Group, Mr Harshil Ponda, Executive Director, Red Rose Group, Dr. Vishal Sood, Principal, Dr Manoj Jain Director MKPC. In the ceremony students showcased dazzling performances. Both seniors and juniors alike from energetic Punjabi dance that made event even more charming. Students performed on various Modeling rounds were there, where juniors introduced themselves. They answered Judge’s questions And Mr.Sourabh Wadhwani was selected as Mr. Fresher and Ms. Soumya Gupta as Ms. Fresher. Mr. Sumeet Ponda, Chairman, addressed the students and said that whenever you get a chance in life you should take it as the opportunity and the opportunities comes as half chance and you need to recognize it and this half chance can be converted into success. Principal Dr. Dr.Vishal Sood blessed the students and encouraged them to work hard. He also congratulated the winners.[4nonymousR44Z]

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