Chairman's message on Dekho Bhopal  
The registration can be done at the College itself and the students will not have to bother.(Counseling Help Desk Number: 09827078687)  
Event Detail

Personality Enhancement Programme (PEP) - 2k17 Day -7

Seventh day of PEP 2K17 at MK Ponda College of Business & Management commenced with workshop on Motivation. The aspirants learned how to be self motivated during adversities. Challenges are everywhere itís your perception to cope with them and win was the outcome of the session. The entire purpose of the PEP is to boost self-belief and confidence among the students so that they can have the courage to take challenges in the life. Music is the best healer and dance is great exercise in order to create balance in life both is required, so we prepare the students for the same. Developing hobbies is the key and so is the focus of Art and Craft classes where students learn how beautifully they can present things. Finally the game of Twin Tower was also organized; students participated with passion and excitement. The winners of the game were awarded with mementos and gifts. 

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