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The registration can be done at the College itself and the students will not have to bother.(Counseling Help Desk Number: 09827078687)  
Event Detail

Personality Enhancement Programme (PEP) - 2k17 Day - 10

Personality Enhancement Programme a philanthropic step by M K Ponda College of Business & Management. PEP was launched in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing the personality of Students. It is a charitable, generous benevolent, humanitarian step initiated free of cost for college aspirants.

Today on the 10th day of PEP, Students are enjoying and learning in the campus new skills to face challenges of life at MKPC. Morning lecture on leadership was delivered by eminent speaker and in Art and Craft module many wonderful, magnificent, outstanding show pieces from different material was taught to students. A selfie competition under photography module was also organized. Students are also learning to play harmonium, Tabla, Congo, synthesizer etc. In Computer students learnt the C, C++. In the fun activity talent hunt was also planned and many attractive awards were also distributed to the winners.

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